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If the revolt was successful than Romney wouldn't have been the nominee. The RNC had backed him from the get-go. The RNC was campaigning with him, in violation of the RNC's own electioneering laws, before he had won the nomination. The RNC set up "shadow parties" in states immediately after Romney lost them, with the express purpose of coordinating for Romney's campaign in the general election (again, before Romney was the nominee). The RNC threatened to unseat delegations from states that didn't break for Romney in the primaries.

The revolt was put down.
If the revolt was unsuccessful Romney wouldn't have had to go all Maricopa County on the immigration issue.

He felt forced to appease the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party more than the so-called moderate wing. By the time the Redstate types realized they could lose if they didn't keep their mouths shut when Romney pivoted to the center, it was too late.