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I completely agree with you.

But people I know who voted for Obama... all had very complex motivations. Some of it was social issues... some of it was the "war on women" which I blame the media for, but also Romney not being very clear and dropping his support for Todd Akin... some of it was people thinking that Romney has more/worse Wall Street cronies than Obama because remember that Romney supported at least some of the bailouts (as I recall from one of the primary debates)... Romney really just came across as this weird, robotic, untrustworthy billionaire, with no solid convictions. The Bain stuff was probably what really did him in, in my opinion.
I doubt it was really the Bain stuff. Most people can't follow the process of what firms like Bain do. What people do understand is sex and other venal sins. The "war on women" was an invention, aided and abetted by a few ill-timed quotes that reflect a philosophically consistent pro-life position. The fact is that it was Obama's administration that ignored the good of women, as more and more women (and their children) slipped into poverty. It was Obama's administration that ignored (and is ignoring) the assault on education, where women make up so much of the work force. It was Obama's administration that allowed the misogynist Muslim brotherhood to gain a foothold in nations like Egypt, where they did not have such a foothold before. It was Obama who bowed to the Saudi royal, a bloated worm who runs a nation that treats women like property.

Romney had his faults, but the conservative message does not: self reliance, cutting taxes, saving money and investing it wisely, letting the free market (and not the government) pick winners and losers, especially on Wall Street. Self discipline, self control, love of family, love of God and of something outside oneself, charity to others, respect of others and their property--these were ALL basics until recently.

Keep in mind nobody I know who voted for Obama was happy with his first term. They just felt Romney would be worse. Take that as you will, but I think it was Romney's race to lose and he lost it.

If they couldn't bear throwing a vote toward Romney, then why not vote Green? Why vote for someone who clearly does not stand for traditional left wing values and who seems hell bent on destroying conservative values as well? The man is soulless--an empty suit. That has NOT changed since my PUMA days.