nadin, semi-coup buster!!!!

Thu Nov 15, 2012, 07:34 PM

PC intern take a vow (Patreous saga)

I think you are correct. Seven days in may is not just a movie anymore.

This B rate saga has all the makings of a major scandal. I think the Benghazi faux investigations are an attempt to head off the real investigation. But so far we have what? Eight General Officers and one Colonel?

And then we have people who were at one point in Baghdad, and one General setting a think tank in Kabul, at times countermanding orders in the field.

PC I think you put your finger on it...we may have very well have had an attempted coup...but even if we did, I have my doubts we will find out. We need to realize this is serious business though. How many years did it take for the attempt in '33 to come out? Fairly fast, Smedly Butler went to the NYT. Even with all our electronic tracts, we really are not there here folks...
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