I got no clue?
Ill guess its some kinda sump pump.

Some guesses from the site! Comical!
I believe it is a automatic self loading flare gun.

Great White Shark Fishing reel. The only thing missing from this Gears of War esque set up is the 20' titanium rod and the body builder to cast it.

I had hoped to never see one of these again. My ex-wife had one. It's a, ahem, "marital aid". Needless to say, it didn't aid my marriage (she's happy with it, though). I won't go into more details. It's too painful

Oh it is a gun all right... a PAINT gun. Shoots a whole can of paint each time you pull the trigger. Looks like it comes pre-loaded with a can of gray

You'll get the answer when I get it tomorrow!