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They can no longer tell us Al-Qeada is dead or on the run if there are Al-Qeada terrorists out there killing American citizens. Look for the words "Al-Qeada is dead" never to be spoken again since the election is over. Same with gay marriage. Barry will never utter the words gay marriage again for the next four years...but that's for another thread.

First they tell us it was a video. Then Barry tells us he told us it was a terrorist attack on 9/12. But for weeks after the attack on 9/11 he told us it was a video. Now he's telling us that he didn't want to tell us it was a terrorist attack (even though at the debate he said he told us it was a terrorist attack on 9/12) because he didn't want to alert the terrorists that we knew it was a terrorist attack.

Only someone like Barry can come away from this without a mark on him and somehow the Republicans will be more evil than ever for merely asking...Huh?
Soon they will tire of it and go back to negotiating higher taxes, decimating the military and instituting a national wealth control program.