Sorry DUmmies, this sounds like a scam...

Sat Nov 17, 2012, 04:06 AM

Occupy Wall St Says 'Rolling Jubilee' Raises Enough to Abolish $6 Million in Debt

OCCUPY WALL STREET’S ‘ROLLING JUBILEE’ RAISES ENOUGH TO ABOLISH $5 MILLION IN DEBT | Members of Occupy Wall Street last week announced the formation of “Rolling Jubilee,” a fundraising campaign that would be used to purchase outstanding debt and then abolish it. And as of Friday, the campaign has already raised enough to eliminate more than $5.7 million in personal debt, according to its web site. The group’s plans are to buy outstanding debt from financial institutions for a small price, but instead of collecting on the debt, it will forgive it in order to relieve student loan, medical, and other forms of debt.

"These people" are so gullible at times it hurts to read. They all think if sounds so goody it couldn't possibily be a scam. Questions are asked
but that person is obviously a hater and/or stupid. "We collect money and forgive debt!!" Christ.