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  1. #1 If Anonymous has definitive proof that Rove tried to hack the vote, present it. 
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    Of course, it's mostly a BDS thread with Rove thrown in as an afterthought...

    Sun Nov 18, 2012, 08:34 AM

    If Anonymous has definitive proof that Rove tried to hack the vote, present it.

    This isn't a movie. Rove isn't Lex Luthor. This is real life, and Rove needs to be investigated if he tried to tamper with the 2012 election.

    Anonymous needs to provide the evidence so that a real life investigation can be launched.

    The jumping for joy and elation about what at present can be dimissed as a conspiracy theory is elevating Rove to untouchable.

    It needs to end.

    One of the problems with the 2004 election theft was trying to convince people that Republicans were as despicable as we now know they are. With the media complicit in aiding the Swift Liars, it was too easy to write off the massive election tampering as whining. The 2000 Court selection was easier to understand, but 2004 was an all-out assault on the entire process of democracy.

    Across the country there ws vote switching, tampering, long lines, intimidation at the polls, closings, blackouts, confusion reporting the results. A lot of people likely still don't know about these incidents, but the outrage and the commissions that looked into the vote were very real. There really isn't going to be anything like it again, and there has already been a relatively incident-free election (2008) since then.

    Here is an excerpt from the 2004 commission.

    The first presidential election after HAVA became law — on November 2, 2004 — brought to light as many problems as in 2000, if not more. HAVA, which will take years to be fully implemented, was not responsible for most of the complaints. Instead, voters were discouraged or prevented from voting by the failure of election offices to process voter registration applications or to mail absentee ballots in time, and by the poor service and long lines at polling stations in a number of states. There were also reports of improper requests for voter ID and of voter intimidation and suppression tactics. Concerns were raised about partisan purges of voter registration lists and about deliberate failures to deliver voter registration applications to election authorities. Moreover, computer malfunctions impugned election results for at least one race, and different procedures for counting provisional ballots within and between states led to legal challenges and political protests. Had the margin of victory for the presidential contest been narrower, the lengthy dispute that followed the 2000 election could have been repeated.

    Robert Kennedy Jr. also explored the 2004 election theft:

    Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.

    Unlike Mitt, Kerry ran a smart race focusing on an electoral path to victory. By so doing he came within one state (Ohio) of winning.

    Bush got 286 to Kerry's 251. Flip Ohio and Kerry wins 271 to 266. That was a close race.

    Republicans mounted an undercover and almost surreal assault on the 2004 election process. In 2012, they attempted to use their power brazenly and openly to suppress the vote.

    Now, back to Anonymous: Where is the evidence? This is not a game.

    Who won the election again???
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Does it matter for these guys.

    You see, they want to be in charge AND be the oppisition too.
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    They need to let it go.

    Rove is pretty much finished as a campaign director for the next couple of elections cycles, due to Romney's failed campaign. Unless Jeb Bush runs in 2016, that is.

    I'm sure Rove will still have his job as a FOX news contributor, though.
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