So, a spin off of Rock's thread regarding stocking up on supplies in preparation for rising costs and out of control inflation....I went to Publix yesterday and they had a lot of items on Buy1/Get1 sale so I started thinking about staples I can stockpile.
I also organized my tiny pantry and have filled it to the brim.

My goal is to keep the pantry full to capacity and replace items as needed. I have most of the staples, (tomato sauce, pasta, canned soups, beans, corn, oil...etc) As it stands now, I can probably live off it for 2 weeks...(nothing in preppers terms) but I'm just getting started. I want to buy a large 2 door pantry that I can keep in the garage as well. The pantry in my kitchen is very small but I can still cram a lot of stuff in there.

I watched an entire episode of Preppers last night, and they are pretty crazy. Although I'm not starting this because of Armaggedon reasons, I just want to fight inflation the best I can buy buying items now before the dollar tanks.

Top Shelves with a few paper products.

Bottom shelves

I always have canned tomato sauce as my parents make cases during Tomato season so I always get a few cases to last me for the year. I do have back-up cans as well.

I keep my most of my paper products elsewhere.