Ok, what my wife and I have done since the election is gotten our old stand up freezer working again. I suggest that if you have the room, get an additional freezer and start buying food in bulk, break it down into meal sized portions and freeze it.
We are buying ourselves an industrial Foodsaver. We had a cheaper model several years ago and it died because we allowed to much liquid from the items we were storing to enter the vacuum hole. I highly recommend getting one of the newer industrial ones because from what I have read, they have fixed that particular problem.

I personally am looking into some blacksmithing and welding classes. Ive always had an interest in it and if I can fit it into my schedule, I'm going to learn at least some basics. That way I will have a basic skill that I can barter out services for.

We have a whole list of things we are going to start on after Christmas as well but for now, this gets us moving in the right direction.