It has begun to irritate me how all the talk is about Israel. There is actually a discussion centering around whether or not Israel has the "right" do defend itself.
"The right". Indeed.
How did it ever get like this? What kind of whacked out civilization allows its citizens to launch missiles at a neighbor in the first place? Any 21st - or 20th - century country that wishes to call itself civilized would seek out and punish the persons who launched missiles. But not Hamas, and not the Palestinians.

No, in this whacked out, Alice In Wonderland scheme, the launchers of missiles are not discussed at all! In its place a discussion of whether the victim of this atrocity should defend themselves, and then it turns into a discussion of to what degree Israel should be "allowed" to defend itself. Obama has mumbled that he thought perhaps they should "do what is necessary". But - laughably - The President has cautioned Israel against entering the Gaza strip because - get ready - SOME ISRAELI SOLDIERS MAY BE INJURED OR KILLED!

Note to Prez: It may actually be safer inside Gaza. That's where the missiles are being launched from. They are landing in Israel. Israel is the unsafe area, not Gaza.

Now, the Arabs have all gathered in Cairo to discuss the terms of a treaty, so that this GREAT PROBLEM can be peacefully resolved. How concerned they all sound! How sincere their expressions of solemnity and furrowed their brows as they dig oh, so deep into their medulla oblongata's trying to uncover the answer to this, oh, so perplexing "problem".

I have a solution.

Stop launching missiles. Act like the rest of the world and arrest everyone who launches a missile at anyone else. If you are still confused, Dear Ahab, come and visit Mississippi. We will show you our ancient state constitution (1890! Really!) which prohibits the citizenry of Mississippi from launching missiles into, say, Alabama, and provides for the arrest and prosecution of anyone violating this law.

Still puzzled, Ahab? Stick around. We'll translate it into Arabic for you.