Hawkgirl started an excellent thread on stockpiling in The End of Teh World I tell ya!! forum. That got me thinking that it would be good to collectively assemble some tips for surviving the Obama downturned economy.

We've been trying to shave our expenses. When we first moved here, we used the lawn service that the previous owner had been using. We made the investment this spring of a riding mower and edgers. By June we will have reached the point of surpassing the amount we paid for the equipment with the monthly savings. We've also started trimming all the bushes ourselves. I've overcome my fear of snakes to just get in there and hack away at the jungle. The previous owner forgot how things grow in Florida, so we have way too much landscaping. One guy charged us $250 for just one trim of the bushes. The next guy charged $150. We're doing it ourself now.

Another reduction was in gym expenses. After my knee surgery last October, I had extensive physical therapy. When the insurance ran out, they let me work out at their facility for $50 a month. At the beginning of this month, we looked at a gyn (YouFit) that's been advertising for $10 a mo per person. We checked it out and it had everything we need. I was able to duplicate everything I had at the PT place. So we're saving $30 a month there, and both of us can benefit healthwise.

We sold the second car last year, as we found one car worked out just fine for us. We share nicely. That cut down considerably on both gas, insurance and taxes.

I hate that Obama's economy is forcing these changes, but it's fun if we make a game of shaving expenses and eliminating waste. If only our government would do that, we wouldn't be in our current state of affairs.

It will help everyone if other ideas are posted. We'll make it through this---we're conservatives and resourceful. (well, we do have some libs here and their suggestions will also be appreciated).