Did anyone else watch Ken Burns' two day presentation, "The Dust Bowl"?

Man, that was - and is - some serious stuff. The ins and outs are too lengthy to get into, but for me it was a real eye opener.

It was caused by man; lasted for about 10 years; came back in minor form in the 1950's; and will come back in full force if the Ogala Reservoir is does not continuously provide a full supply of irrigation water for the crops. And the Ogala Reservoir is about half full.

People and livestock died in those dust storms, and many, many had their lives shortened by "dust pneumonia". If it comes around again, I sure recommend watching....

They recall the days turning black, the winds whipping through towns, taking with them the family's livelihoods, the soil on which they farmed. In those natural disasters, thousands died, but no one is sure just how many.

Survivors of the dust storms of the 1930s tell their stories in Ken Burns' oral history documentary "The Dust Bowl" Sunday and Monday, Nov. 18 and 19, on PBS (check local listings).