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  1. #1 The Language of the Left 
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    The Language of the Left ...

    Notice the code words used by government officials, particularly Democrats. Language that the left uses to describe words or concepts that would otherwise sound bad if you actually call it like it is.

    • "Revenue" is the liberal code word for "taxes"
    • "Investing" is how Democrats describe "government spending"
    • "Letting the tax cuts expire for the wealthy" is another way of saying "increase taxes on the rich"
    • "Revenue positive” is the lib way of saying "taxes will be increased"
    • "Spending in the tax code" is what the left likes to call "tax breaks for people or industries they do not like"
    • "Stimulus" became a dirty word, replaced with "job creation"
    • "Jobs created" didn’t get the numbers the left needed to support their stimulus spending, so the measurement became "lives touched"
    • "Pork barrel spending" became "congressionally directed funds"
    • "Global warming" lost its luster when the earth stopped getting warmer, so that became "climate change"
    • "Bipartisan" equates republicans selling out conservatives
    • "Negative Campaigning" is telling the truth about democrats
    • "Undocumented worker" used to be an "illegal alien"
    • "Disadvantaged" is what used to known as "unproductive"
    • "Hate speech" or as we call it "unvarnished truth"

    Feel free to add your own to the growing list ...

    "Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of sh*t by the clean end .. etal 0bama."
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    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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  2. #2 Oh yeah, the lefties are all about "framing the narrative"... 
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    Which is really just spinning. Of course, bitter gun clingers such as myself call it "Bullshit" in our uncouth colloqulial manner.
    Support diversity. Own firearms of every caliber.
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    You mean social justice isn't on this list? That's a term that gets Glenn Beck and Bob Dutko all worked up.
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    The libs have no shame.

    Gun violence prevention is thier cod for Gun Controll/confication.

    :Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.
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    When they are flip-flopping on an issue, they say they're evolving.
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    You mean social justice isn't on this list? That's a term that gets Glenn Beck and Bob Dutko all worked up.
    Social Justice = wealth distribution...or Communism in short hand.

    Thanks for bringing that up.
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    Don't forget words like "Safety", "Responsibility", and "assault weapon" when it comes to Gun confiscation on "scary looking" firearms.
    Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound - Unknown

    The problem is Empty People, Not Loaded Guns - Linda Schrock Taylor
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