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    Quote Originally Posted by Janice View Post

    Twinkicide: Death By Liberalism

    Twinkicide. Death by Liberalism. This time it's Twinkies.

    In October it was Newsweek. Who's next? What does this lemming-like liberal instinct mean for America? What is it that bakers and editors had in common as they looked into the abyss that would spell their own professional death? And then jumped?

    Answer: They'd rather be dead than Not Liberal. Unfortunately for the rest of us -- they are not alone. Worse, they are in charge. Presented with multiple opportunities to survive in a jobless economy -- the bakers and editors willingly jumped into the abyss that would kill their own professional way of life. Forever. >>>

    What to make of this lemming-like phenomenon? Let's start with the bakers. Our friends at the Wall Street Journal have laid out the basics.

    • A strike by one of a dozen Hostess unions, the Bakers, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union.

    • Hostess had "sales of $2.5 billion in 2011 but lost $341 million and lacked the cash flow" to survive a strike.

    • One of the reasons for this was "a labor-rule burden that by comparison makes Detroit look like Hong Kong."

    • Hostess had $52 million in workers' comp claims in 2011, per an earlier bankruptcy filing.

    • Hostess had 372 collective bargaining agreements "to maintain 80 different health and benefit plans, 40 pension plans and mandated a $31 million increase in wages and other benefits from backrooms to shelves."

    • Union rules forbade cake and bread products from being delivered to a store in one truck. There had to be two -- one for cake, one for bread. "Drivers weren't allowed to load their own vehicles, and the workers who loaded bread weren't allowed to load cake."

    There's more but you get the picture. >>> Then there's Newsweek. Folding (so to speak) after 80 years. Yes, it will be online, but no more print version. >>> Twinkies and Newsweek aren't the only American institutions to suffer from this phenomenon in recent years either.

    Take Mainline Protestant Churches. The Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists and United Church of Christ among others. Once a central pillar of Protestant America >>> the Mainline denominations lost some ten million members. >>>

    What caused this? It's no accident that the denominational declines coincide exactly with the rise of the far-left in America. Without consultation with their own members, church leaders struck out on journey into the wilds of far-left politics, confusing God with leftist politics.

    Exactly as with the bakers and the editors, the men and women of the cloth simply denied the facts, blaming their failures on anything but their own liberalism >>>

    Result: Whole liberal-led denominations -- hundreds of years old -- are now headed down the path of Twinkicide.

    Then there's the Twinkicide of the public school system. >>> Here we are in the 21st century. Technology and American innovation and freedom have provided new opportunities for basic education in the form of charter schools, school vouchers, home schooling and public schools. What is the reaction of the teachers' unions? To throw themselves in front of the progress train >>>

    Then there's the state of California. >>> The place is a disaster. Once a rich state, the center of the American universe with California Dreamin' an anthem to the state's magnet-like ability to draw people from not only around the country but the world >>> Will the liberals who have managed this debacle change course? Admit liberalism is driving the state inevitably, nor to mention faster by the day, into bankruptcy? Are you kidding? They would prefer… all together now…

    Twinkicide! Death by liberalism is the new California Dreamin'.

    As if all this and more isn't cause for concern, there are the now familiar Twinkicidal instincts that are surfacing in Washington. Obamacare being the obvious example of the moment. >>> Which in turn raises the greatest concern of all -- the future of America itself.

    What America is confronting here with the lemming-like phenomenon that is Twinkicide is a group of people who simply are obsessed with liberalism. Addicted to it in just the fashion a crack addict is addicted to crack cocaine.

    Like a crack addict, they could care less about the consequences of their actions -- even if it ensures their own death. Mesmerized by liberalism, they march resolutely off the nearest cliff available, mass suicide be damned. What all of these people have in common is that they will impose liberalism no matter the consequences. Even if it means they march straight off the cliff. And in the case of America, taking the rest of us with them.

    Ironically, for all the hysterical shouts in foreign lands of "Death to America," there is in fact a seriously growing threat to America right here at home. Twinkicide. Death by liberalism.


    Liberals will do anything to remain in power, just look at the European Union. Even if it means scorched earth policies. They will eventually die off but they'll create eons of misery before they go. More and more individuals and businesses will be going John Galt.
    I ate Hostess products as a kid but never fed them to my kids. I have a feeling that this pattern repeated multiple times is what did Hostess in not the unions....
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
    I ate Hostess products as a kid but never fed them to my kids. I have a feeling that this pattern repeated multiple times is what did Hostess in not the unions....
    Guess you better check that feeling again then.

    The unions are what put Hostess out of business. FFS the company offered the union 25% of the damn company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterS View Post
    I ate Hostess products as a kid but never fed them to my kids. I have a feeling that this pattern repeated multiple times is what did Hostess in not the unions....
    Can you post a link to your feelings or is that what passes as economic analysis from Demopukes these days? Considering the financial shithole Barry has put us in I do believe feeling our way into or out of something is his best solution to problem solving.

    I have a feeling your IQ tops out at 26.
    Be Not Afraid.
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    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    And clever in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20-21 NASB

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