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Inner cities teach people some very specific skills that don't translate into much outside of the environment of the inner city-I'm not talking about the schools so much as the entire world of inner city life.

I've seen elementary school kids who can't spell their own names, yet they can tell you the name of and the phone number for every cab company in the city.

I've seen teenagers who know nothing about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but understand their Miranda rights. Not that they know them as Miranda rights, but it's a matter of "I know my rights".

I've also observed teenagers who complain that reading poetry in school is too hard, but who know every word of their favorite rapper's latest "poem set to a beat".

I've seen adults who can't read 5 word sentences who understand what denomination of bill to use to buy a rock of crack.
Then this video is tailor made for what you speak of: