Meet Lindsey Stone. She was on a paid trip to Arlington by her company "Life" Taken before Veterans day.

LIFE, Living Independently Forever, Inc., is a non profit organization that provdes supported independent living for adults with disabilities within its condominium communities on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


The mission of LIFE, working in collaboration with families is to assist residents to develop the skills to function as independently as possible, and to provide supports to assist them in attaining their maximum level of independence, self fulfillment and happiness. Our commitment is life-long, and encompasses the personal, social, and employment needs of LIFE residents.

Company Overview

LIFE, Living Independently Forever, Inc., is a non profit organization that has served adults with learning disabilities within its condomium communities on Cape Cod, Massachusetts for fifteen years. Residents have joined the LIFE community from many areas of our country and beyond. LIFE's professional staff is dedicated to the goal of encouraging each residentís aspirations, strengths and abilities.

LIFE provides support and resources in the areas of vocation, education, social/community involvement and daily living. LIFE is a thriving community, whose residents live full and productive lives.

Residents own or share a condominium within LIFE's condominium communities which offer recreation facilities and state of the art fitness centers in Hyannis and Mashpee on Cape Cod, MA LIFE's professional staff provide responsive support services appropriate to each individual resident.

For more information about LIFE,
please call Diane Enochs, Executive Director

She left that photo up through out V. day, even thou her friends told her to take it down out of respect. Only recently scrubbing her FB account of it and all others due to the fact her employer is now being blasted for her actions.

Her response is pathetic to say the least.