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I went to the walk-in clinic with chest pain yesterday

When they found out I was uninsured, they agreed to check me out - but I had to make a $108 down payment. Who knows how much the entire visit will cost. So basically, I had a choice: Go to the ER, where there would be no down payment but the cost of the visit would probably be much higher, or pay a $108 down payment to get checked out at the clinic.

I paid the $108.

Can't wait for Obamacare to catch up to me... or better still, the public option.

I have never heard of any place requiring a down payment to check you out for chest pains....

And then another dummie chimes in:

ragulli (2 posts)
16. Clinic or ER?

I worked over night unloading trucks and at the end of my shift on a Saturday AM I started having chest pains so I clocked out and drove over to my clinic. It was early, I was the first person there and I explained to them what was going on. I did have insurance so everything started going pretty fast. I was laid on a gurney, they drew blood, hooked me up to a EKG and 15 minutes later they called an ambulance to rush me to St Luke's on the South side of Milwaukee, about 50 miles away. Once there they wasted no time either, sending a probe from my groin up to my heart where they found a few problems that took some work to fix. I was stabilized, anesthetized and on Monday morning I had a Quad Bypass. If I had not had insurance I would have died because there was absolutely no time to go through any red tape.
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