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So why did he make a sign that has nothing to do with the occasion or the denomination he practices? Its just another way of giving believers the finger. Isn't that cool? The president has pardon power, enshrined in the U.S. constitution. That power is not religiously related. The Mercedes Marxist likes to do that subtle mocking of Christianity. His muslim upbringing is the source of that mocking. And did you notice that half-way through the blessing he had to look to his left to see how to finish the blessing? He could not even pretend to be The Pope without "off-screen" instructions. So what does a "traditional" Muslim use his left hand for .. given the lack of toilet paper in most Muslim countries?
C'mon now you're talking about a guy who didn't realize the First Lady of IIRC Burma gave him the greeting the royalty gives servants.

Typical Liberal...he thought he was being funny...and he failed.

This guy can't get anything right unless it's coming straight off the TelePrompTer