Be prepared to be amazed!!!!

Wed Nov 21, 2012, 06:17 PM

The Most Powerful Woman the Middle East Has Ever Witnessed.

Hillary Clinton is, I propose, the most powerful woman the Middle East has ever witnessed. She stands, hair uncovered, Her practical pantsuit making the statement "I am following MY rules" as she leans on Egypt to broker a peace in what is, for all practical purposes, pretty similar to standing in a powder keg.

And how has this First Lady of Arkansas become the very best chance of peace in the Middle East since...well, pretty much my lifetime? Because Hillary Clinton carries an arsenal of tricks nobody has ever quite seen before. Even in the land of Cleopatra and Hatshepsut there is no match to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton carries the weight and prestige of the Clinton Presidency. She is the First Lady to one of the most popular Presidents of all time. She has flown around the world in that role as a friend to many countries around the world. She continued that as a Senator and her husband continues to travel the world on missions of good will and kindness. Her husband still manages to be one of the more powerful political figures in the world. Every time Bill Clinton gives a speech as he did at the convention, Hillary Clinton's role in his Presidency is not far behind in our thoughts.

Hillary Clinton carries the weight and prestige of the Obama Presidency. Obama has just been re-elected in what was a pretty big blow out. His strength carried through to gains in the Senate and House. He is an amazingly popular figure around the world. He is the son of a Muslim. Hillary Clinton is his representative to broker peace. She is his equal in this process--something that has probably never happened before in the history of US Politics. The Secretary of State is as well known and as highly respected as the President of the United States, as well as the previous Democratic and equally popular President. Hillary Clinton carries the prestige of two of our greatest modern presidents in a way no other politician has been able to do. She's not an ex-Cabinet Member or a retired general from the team of an ex-president--she's Hillary freakin' Clinton.

And finally Hillary Clinton carries the weight and prestige of the very real possibility that she may be the next President of the United States. She leads in all the polls. She has an extremely high popularity rate. The world pretty much thinks she is the next President if she wants it. Never before has Secretary of State negotiated from such a position of power and probably never with such a high probability to be the next President. Does Egypt dare alienate the next President? Does Israel or Hamas? Syria? Does anyone dare piss of Hillary Clinton? Would you piss off Hillary Clinton? Good God no!

I don't know if she'll be President. I don't know if there will be peace. But I am pretty sure that I am correct when I say, that we've never had such a powerful Secretary of State. We have never seen a woman who has carried such a wide variety of strengths, prestige and sheer political power. Not only is she the most powerful woman the Middle East has ever seen, Hillary Clinton, simply put, is the most powerful woman ever. And we are so incredibly lucky she is on our side.

Don't mess with Hillary Clinton.

WOO-HOO!!! It's super Hillary!!!!

And when the "Truce" falls apart...they'll blame Bu$h.