Say goodbye to the Radio Sly-mer AKA John “Sly” Sylvester of WTDY-AM 1670

He's your A-typical liberal radio a-hole.

Just how sickening was this J-off?

This is a man who billed himself as the tribune of progressivism, by calling a black woman "Aunt Jemima", then when called upon to “apologize” for that statement, he gave away free Aunt Jemima syrup.

He suggested that when another woman who was running for political office performed sexual favors to win elections, on top of that, he rejoiced when she was diagnosis with cancer, and made fun of her children.

He made personal on air calls for another woman to be publicly raped.

This is but just a short list of the many sickening list of on air crap this true progressive made over the years, and to date, few on the left have called him on, because you don't dare criticize any one on the left who makes sickening statements about women on the right.

To that, I some how see this Jag-off soon working for MSNBC for some odd reason.

They are firing him and the stations entire news staff, and switching it over to a sports radio format.

From his twitter account;

"Message to everybody: I just want to inform you that today was my last day of employment at WTDY. After 15 years, I was told that my services were no longer needed. I would like to thank everybody that's supported my program. It's been a pleasure to share this wonderful experience with you. I need to take a big deep breath this weekend and figure out what my future plans are. But, old Winter Soldiers NEVER DIE, and I look forward to letting you know what lies ahead. Solidarity!"

Another typical Vietnam hippy who blamed it on our murderous solders.