Fri Nov 23, 2012, 07:02 PM

After dinner conversation : "They're coming after your IRA."

So we had Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house.
Just the four of us.
We're in our 70s except for Miz t. who is still a couple of years shy of the septuagenarian mark.

Our hosts are about as thick as two planks.
Both of them.
Especially when it comes to politics and world and national affairs.
We're still 'friends' only because we go WAY back.
He was my best man at our wedding.

Since those days over 40 years ago, Miz t. and I have somehow managed to evolve with the times.
Our friends are stuck in the 50s and 60s.

Anyway, after dinner we're having another glass of wine at the table and he hits me with...
"Have you heard anything about how the government is going to take over our IRAs and make us put it in the stock market?"
"No. Where did you get that?"
"I read it somewhere. Or maybe I saw it on the internet."
(They watch Fox news because it's 'fair and balanced' and read Newsmax.}
"You can't be serious. How, exactly, would the 'government' (read 'Obama') go about doing that.
"I dunno."
"Look...think about it. There's no way the president or anybody else could do that. How would they go about it? Those are private accounts. You can't seriously believe that."
"Well...all I know is that's what I heard."
"And you believe it?"
"I dunno, that's just what I heard. I worry about it."

I'm really ready to rip my hair out at this point. How the hell do you communicate with someone this stupid?
Answer: You can't.
So I just said If you need something to worry about, worry about global climate change,
He doesn't believe in it.

We left a few minutes later.
And looked at each other and just shook our heads on the way home.
Thanks DUmmies, I knew you wouldn't let us down!!!!