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Fri Nov 23, 2012, 09:08 PM

WGA Lectin

The poison in wheat. Wheat plants like plants everywhere have Defense Mechanisms.
Wheat manufactures a poison,like beans(castor bean lectin is ricin).Sincee wheat is a plant and needs a way to deter animals from eating it's seeds therefore it's ability to to deter would be munchers,The wheat's leaves are not near as toxic as the weat seeds or "berries".It's method of reproduction has a defense mechanism. Like apple seeds have arsinic in them,wheat has a lectin,WGA Lectin.

Lectin is toxic.Like minute amounts of ricin won't just kill you right away it's still poison to stop the effects on the body it is best to stop eating any form of ricin.. Wheat lectin won't kill you right away either but it will fuck up your body until you stop eating it.

Diptheria toxin has the properies of a lectin.This was written in 1977.Way before the awareness about wheat some are scoffing today.

From the Pakistan journal of nutrition.


The DUmmies seem to be hung up on wheat for some stupid reason and UGP sticks her muzzle in!!!