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Fri Nov 23, 2012, 01:56 PM

The Walmart leafleting is over at the Grossmont center

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And while there were not that many people we are taking of the city of La Mesa in San Diego, which is pretty conservative. So, no, not bad shopping. Also this is the second labor action in this section of town in less than a week. I covered the hospital workers on Monday.

Also the large one, from what I was told, was on Aero Drive regardless, the shoppers, none was prevented from shopping, were mostly neutral to receptive to the message. And this is a nation wide event, so some places it will go better than others.

Me, have a story to write, and damn it, this is no longer those radicals on the coast.

Oh and the mall is not that full either for a Black Friday, I could have driven...but much prefer the trolley.

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