Fri Nov 23, 2012, 10:03 PM
Dems50State (62 posts)


Thursday I went to my local dispensary and bought weed with my red card. It's great because my redneck family is out of state. The guy was actually pretty cool to that I went to. I read a nice book and had a nice meal then I laughed at the tv screen when it talked about all those people traveling to their families. After a while I fell asleep thinking happy thoughts about what I'm going to do next holiday. I spent 170 on weed and I have hardly touched half of the edibles I bought. BTW word of warning stay away from the Lolipops those things are evil. Happy Red Card Holidays! Thank God I live in Colorado.

BTW this was the best Black Friday ever spent money on. I'm going to relax the next few days. I feel good right now.
Sure dude, whatever...