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  1. #1 Woman Rushed To Hospital After Drive-By Pumpkin Attack 
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    Woman Rushed To Hospital After Drive-By Pumpkin Attack

    STOCKTON (CBS13) – The hunt is on for the suspects behind a bizarre and brazen attack in Stockton. The dangerous weapon used was a pumpkin.

    Police say the woman was pummeled by the pumpkin in a drive-by assault.

    Remains of the pumpkin that the suspects threw at a woman can still be seen on the ground. Her injuries were so serious that she had to be rushed to the hospital.

    It was a scary and frightening situation as the 51-year-old woman took a Thanksgiving stroll on Wilson Way near Roosevelt Street, only to be victimized during a senseless attack.

    “It’s rude and immature,” said one man.

    Stockton police say the culprits hurled a pumpkin out of a fast moving car, and aimed it right at the woman. It hit her in the middle of the chest.

    The injuries and the pain so severe, paramedics took her to the hospital. People who live and work in the area say, unfortunately, violence in the area isn’t all that surprising.

    “Right here on Wilson Way, it’s the worst that I’ve seen it,” said the man.

    Investigators are trying to figure out why, and who would do this on a day centered around being thankful.

    Currently, investigators only know that whoever did this was in a white four-door vehicle. The good news is that the woman is out of the hospital and doing recovering well from her injuries.

    When arrested, the suspects will face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

    So far, police are calling this a random attack.
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    Looks like this is, unfortunately, happening again.

    Not sure what's more upsetting, the wasting of food or using it to injure people.
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