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    Ha, a DUmmie and his money!! It is a scam, I think I saw this in a movie, Spitfire Grill!

    $100 + an essay!

    symbolman (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-24-08 07:37 PM
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    Well, didn't want to say anything to anyone until we were sure it was happening, but last week a New York Times cameraman did a photoshoot at our home and the article is NOW LIVE on the New York Times site! It's for the paper coming out tomorrow..

    We decided to get Pro-Active as our home was not selling and so we created a website and a skill contest (THIS IS NOT A RAFFLE) so that someone would be awarded our home in MAUI for a mere $100 and a great Essay

    A home in paradise for a $100, hard to beat that with a stick, eh?

    The reporter neglected to add the website we created just for this article ( ) but we're working on getting an update to the online version at least.

    We're excited, and hope this is a way to solve our own personal housing crisis and help out others at the same time

    Tell me what you think, did we do the website justice?

    Hey! Rate this sucker UP! I wanna see a MUST READ on one of my threads, and if this won't work, an article in the NYTimes, then what does it take?

    Mahalo and Aloha!

    ON EDIT: Ooops! Here's the NYTimes link:

    The DUmmies think its an auction.

    RUMMYisFROSTED (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-24-08 07:38 PM
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    1. $105.

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    symbolman (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-24-08 07:40 PM
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    2. Huh?
    What's the five bucks for? Pen and paper?
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    RUMMYisFROSTED (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-24-08 07:41 PM
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    3. The house.

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    AchtungToddler (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-24-08 07:41 PM
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    4. Words Schmerds. 160.00
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    symbolman (1000+ posts) Wed Sep-24-08 08:06 PM
    Response to Reply #16
    18. We're looking to get 6,000 entries to cover the home
    and if we get less than that the money goes back to the folks, or we may award the top three with a percentage of the entry fees each..

    Yeah, some folks are saying that 2008 will be the year of the home raffle, but this is NOT a raffle, it's a SKILL CONTEST.

    Hope other people can utilize this idea, I thought I came up with it about 6 months ago, but upon researching the idea I found a lot of people are doing it, but there are no guarantees.. got to get media exposure and work hard at it. We got lucky with a NYTimes reporter.

    Dunno where we'll end up, just don't want to be in the street

    I dont know property price in Hawaii, but he will probably get more than 6000 replies, people love thier lotteries! I went to his website and under pics of the house, he has pics looking out the window!!:D

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    I looked at his website. Only found one picture of a kitchen.
    Thanks to SarasotaRepub for your help! :D
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    Holy shit! What a scam! "You pay us $100 for you to write an essay (which we don't really give a damn about) for a chance to win our home." And notice how they're not real clear on that point? The way everything is worded, it makes you think you write the essay, win and then pay $100 for the home. Oh, no. You have to pay $100 to submit the essay. WTF???

    Award of prize is based on receipt of 6,000 entries by November 30, 2008. In the event fewer than 6,000 entries are received by November 30, 2008, then the contest may be extended up to 90 days.
    Yeah, good luck with that.

    My Buddha... Check out the rest of that FAQ:

    Q. Who picks the winner? How will you make sure the contest is fair?

    A. The owners of the home guarantee that every single essay will be read and evaluated individually before the top 100 entries are selected as finalists. A panel of three impartial judges will pick the winner(s) from the finalist entries.
    Translation: "Three of my drinking buddies will judge."

    And the pièce de résistance:

    Q. What is the deadline and how do I enter? Do I get my money back if enough people don’t enter?

    A. The contest period begins September 24, 2008 and ends November 30, 2008. If not enough entries are received by the deadline, the contest may be extended up to 60 more days. Complete rules will be posted by September 24, 2008 regarding entry fees and how the contest fees will be handled. You may enter online or by mailing a check to our mailing address (to be posted soon). Finalists will be picked within 15 days of the closing deadline, and final winner(s) picked within 15 days after selection of the finalist entries.
    Notice they don't answer that question. They have the "complete" rules posted, but there is still no answer to that question. Gosh, I wonder why. (Can you say "scam artists?" I knew you could.)
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    Has anybody read the "About The Owners" page at the web site? It's at

    The wife is the only one with a real job. The husband is the DUmmy - he's "a writer in search of an Agent". He's not going to find an agent for the crap he's posting in his DUmmy journal.
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