Moonbats’ remorse
For shafted Obama voters, repenting comes early

One of the few silver linings in the dark cloud of Obama’s re-election is that millions of moonbats and Beautiful People who voted this month to continue our long national nightmare are now discovering, much to their chagrin, that they’re as screwed as all the “bitter clingers” who still go to church on Sunday.

Not that it was any big secret, but it’s asking an awful lot of the dumbed-down modern electorate to pay attention to its own best interests. >>>

But as strange as it seems, a plurality of Obama voters probably have real jobs, some even in the Dreaded Private Sector. Man, are they in dire straits.

Take the instructors at Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh.

Their hours are being cut back so the college can get around Obamacare. All you teachers, hope you enjoy being adjunct professors, because you ain’t getting tenure anytime soon. Wonder who they all voted for on Nov. 6? >>>

Fortunately, all the “womyn’s studies” instructors at CCAC can pick up their insurance by getting jobs at, say, Olive Garden. But wait, I forgot — many fast-food and supermarket chains are also cutting back to work weeks of 29 A hours maximum. >>>

Now the limousine liberals in Congress are clamoring that they may have to “revisit” Obamacare, to stop all these evil corporations (and nonprofits) from switching everybody from employee to contractor. >>>

Remember when a 4 percent unemployment rate was a “jobless recovery?” Those were the good old days.

But letting Obama flush the economy down the toilet was worth it, wasn’t it, to screw all those millionaires and billionaires.


Low information voters naturally will always vote this way. The comments following the article are interesting...