I love it when the scum show their true colors...

Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:40 AM

The Military ruined this country

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The American economy is significantly based in the production of war machinery. War machinery has almost no value outside of wartime. Another resource subtracted from the system are young people, who, would otherwise be working at the factory producing washing machines or table saws or clothing if they weren't in Germany providing security over any resurgence in Nazism.

America followed the war weapons industry the way China followed the make everything else industry. Look who won. We are now arguing over whether class sizes should be increased, social security should be decreased, and all because America decided that making tanks and warships and jets were the answer to everything.

At the best engineering schools, military recruiters are snatching up the best and brightest to go design another weapon or drone. These same minds are sequestered and will not improve the competitiveness of America globally or even domestically because what they're producing is worthless.

So let's not pretend that the fiscal cliff has nothing to do with the stolen resources that make up the American Military Industrial Complex. All other theft is minor by comparison. The Military also has the status of being it's own country. It has it's own land, court system, and even hospitals and shopping centers.

In order to coddle the citizens into accepting this type of system that jeopardizes their lives, is through propaganda. Americans have been convinced that without this expansive military, we are doomed to be attacked by our enemies. So, we again can thank the military for creating a populace of paranoid freaks.

So let's continue the arguments over social security, medicare, infrastructure, food stamps, et al. The 800 pounder will continue to be the 800 pounder.
A lot of them are just pieces of scum...