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    AD: I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree then.

    This, at least to me, is a point we have not crossed and is the crux of Ike's MIC warning:

    The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
    I certainly agree with Ike that the potential exists but, given how our government is structured under The Constitution, it's very hard for the MIC to actually take control of society and government.

    Yes, there are aspects of how things operate (socially, economically, lobbying, etc...) that our version of a MIC operates under but the bottom lie is that it still remains under civilian control.

    There are, of course, negative aspects of those influences but there are also many positive aspects (employment, industry, technological development) that our society benefits from greatly. For example in the fields of medicine and telecomm. Heck just look at what we reap from The Internet alone which was born from Darpanet. Or how about GPS technology?

    And don't forget MREs! LOL.
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    I am still irritated about the DUmmy belief that the military ruined the US. Was this person even watching any of the Hurricane Sandy coverage? The military was and continues to be of great assistance to the communities that were devastated in the storm.

    The US would be totally f@#$ed without the military.
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    What bunch of jerkazoids.

    This is the same happy bunch who we didn't believe we needed a military ( if someone invaded, the cops would just go down and arrest them).

    They have to blame the military, because they can't blame themselves for f*cking things up in this country.
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