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    I'd guess that is one smart dog.

    My dog is 14, I'll be on a puppy search at some point in the next few years. I love my dog, who is mostly norwegian elkhound (I got her from the Humane Society). When I've researched the breed, I found that they are not a common breed and very expensive, so I may have to find a different type of dog. I'm thinking about Huskies, they are cute and look kind of like wolves.
    That's why I didn't get another elkie (had 2). The local breeder had disappeared and couldn't find any in a nearby state. The ones that I did locate were way too expensive.

    My vet did tell me, though, that elkhounds had easier temperaments than huskies and were way less aggressive than malamutes. At least in Michigan those northern breed dogs are more comfortable. St Louis was too warm for my elkhounds and Florida would be terrible for them. My female, Buschy, would lay on a metal loveseat out on the patio when it snowed and put her tongue out and catch the snow. She loved it.

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    I just helped a friend bury one of his yesterday. A border collie mix that he'd had since he was a puppy. His sister will probably be following him soon. On top of that a "friend" of his just took back a black lab that he gave him last year. So it's been a bit of a rough week.

    To help get over it he just bought a Chocolate Lab and a German Shephard puppy. Two very cute puppies.
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