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But Romney couldn't turn out Republicans. The numbers have shown this. I agree it wasn't a "ham sandwich" election -- as much as people want to believe this, it never is. You actually do have to run a real candidate. The Republican leadership had themselves convinced of this false dichotomy that the only two options is that Obama is God, or Obama is the anti-Christ. If you don't think Obama is the anti-Christ, therefore you believe Obama is God.
No, it was stubborn people like you that cost Romney. You all got butthurt that your man, Ron Paul wasn't the nominee so you all decided to either stay home or cast your vote for someone who had a slightly better chance of being elected president that I had of hitting last night's lottery. A I've said ad nauseum, that love or hate the Democrats but they get behind their candidate full bore. But because of people like you, the worst president in my lifetime, and I am old enough to fully remember that dark time called the Carter years so I know of what I speak in referring to Obama as the worst president not only in my lifetime but the lifetimes of my parents as well but back on point, people like you and your little cult of Ronulans thought it was worth 4 more years of a guy who is singlehandedly sending this country down a dark shithole of both sovereign and financial ruin just to prove some silly point. I don't care how you and your little cult of Ronulans think or believe but anyone of the Republican candidates who were running(with the possible exception to the unhinged nutbag named Ron Paul) was a better choice than what we had or what we are stuck with for 4 more years. The GOP should have been able to run an old tennis shoe against Obama and win but thanks to you and your merry little band of wingnuts, we now are on an unreversable course down the rathole so I hope you and the rest of your little cult sleeps well knowing that you all made that possible.