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'Two and a Half Men' actor calls his show 'filth'

The teenage actor who plays the half in the hit CBS comedy "Two and a Half Men" says in a video posted online by a Christian church that the show is "filth" and that viewers shouldn't watch it.

Nineteen-year-old Angus T. Jones has been on the show, which used to feature bad-boy actor Charlie Sheen and remains heavy with sexual innuendo, since he was 10 but says he doesn't want to be on it anymore.

"Please stop watching it," Jones said. "Please stop filling your head with filth."

Jones plays Jake, the son of Jon Cryer's uptight divorced chiropractor character, Alan, and the nephew of Sheen's hedonistic philandering music jingle writer character, Charlie. Sheen, who has publicly criticized CBS, was fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher, who plays billionaire Walden.

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This should get interesting.
The tale of another child actor who rejects Hollywood for his own soul's salvation. (I personally wonder if we are going to hear about this poor kid being molested at some point.)

DUmmies are predictable here:

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1. hmmm, closet case protest? nt

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4. Then quit

you little asshole and give all your money to charity.

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29. He puts money in front of his morality

Angus should put up or shut up. If he's that concerned he would break his contract.

Otherwise he's nothing but hot air.

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11. What are "Signs of an actor who wants out of a contract?"

Let's play Jeopardy!