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  1. #1 People's airbag designed to stop elderly people injuring themselves by falling over. 
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    The head of the firm behind the airbag was on hand to demonstrate it A Japanese company says it has made an airbag designed to stop elderly people injuring themselves by falling over.

    The device is strapped around the body and inflates in 0.1 seconds if it detects it is accelerating towards the ground, the manufacturers say. The Tokyo-based company, Prop, says the product is designed to cushion a fall using two separate pockets of air.

    One pocket will be behind the head and the other around the hips. It does not protect those who fall forward. The airbag has been unveiled at the International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo. The president of Prop, Mitsuya Uchida, says it is aimed especially at old people with epilepsy, who are very vulnerable to injury.
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    I know it may sound silly, but this is actually a really good idea. When my grandma had her first stroke, she fell and broke her arm, which seriously complicated her chances at recovery and participating in any kind of physical therapy that may have helped her in the days immediately after the stroke.

    Also, nursing homes might encourage patients to be more mobile, leading to a better quality of life, if they knew they had a way of ensuring protection from injuries in falls. They get sued a lot for those kinds of injuries, because most don't have enough staff to really handle the patients' needs.
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