City warns of cell phone link to cancer
Pembroke Pines passes resolution to warn residents of health dangers
Author: Janine Stanwood, Reporter,

The city of Pembroke Pines wants its residents to know that cell phones could be dangerous and linked to cancer. A newly-passed resolution was inspired by a resident who believes his brain tumor was caused by his mobile device.

"A lot of scientific data has to be done with it and the ordinance is kind of generic but it makes people aware," said Pines mayor Frank Ortis.

Pines resident Jimmy Gonzalez had tumors removed in his brain above his left ear, his left hand, and near his hip. All places where he said his phone was pressed for long periods of time.
"I kept getting headaches," Gonzalez said. "One day I realized I hold my cell phone with the same hand, up against this ear and when I was done, I would put it in to these pockets."

Gonzalez spoke before the Pines City commission last month to encourage them to consider the resolution, which passed unanimously.

Unlike an ordinance, the resolution does not impose rules nor issues fines for non-compliance.
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And there you have it, after an exhaustive study involving one participant, the City Of Pembroke Pines Florida has determined that cell phones are dangerous to your health.