Things to think and worry about. From Neals Nuze. Read up he retires end of the month!

Obama’s chief propagandist Jay Carney says that the White House “isn’t particularly concerned” about whether or not Susan Rice misled the public on Benghazi. Oh, isn’t that special? But actually, I believe that. This is a White House that has raised misleading the American people to an art form.

Oh gosh … where to start? The stimulus bill? We needed that to keep unemployment under 8%, right? And it was going to create jobs, right? Well, it seems that there still are not as many people working in private sector jobs today as there were the last day George W. Bush was in office. Feel misled anyone?

ObamaCare? Your insurance premiums were going to go down, right? Feel misled?

Romney killed this woman with cancer? Were you misled there?

The rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes? Now just how misleading is that?

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