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    Quote Originally Posted by Eupher View Post
    The kid dies at age 24 of "natural causes."

    That tells me he had a terminal illness of some type, or - absent a terminal illness - he knew (and presumably his mother knew) he was on borrowed time.

    Tragic, assuredly.

    But what's even more tragic that despite this knowledge and relative certainty, Mom goes ahead and co-signs a loan for him and his education, knowing he wouldn't complete it and knowing she'd be left behind to pay the bill?

    Scratch "tragic." This level of stupidity transcends even the morons who voted for Barry.
    I agree.

    I also agree with the taking a term life insurance policy out to cover the cost of the loan ..

    I love my God, my country, my flag, and my troops ....
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    Cosign for your kids student loan? Not smart.

    Cosign so your kid, who has a two year old child, can study "Music Production"? Dumb.

    I expect there were lots of dumb things going on in that house.
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    So the feds forgave 2 of the loans. That was nice of us.
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    Some of my Facebook friends had an interesting take on this. If each of those 200,000+ who signed her petition each gave her a nickel, she could have paid those loans off completely. But it looks like the taxpayer, once again, is on the hook for someone's choices.
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