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Are you one of these 'religion is the root of all evil' nutbags?
I'm agnostic, I could give a flip about religion.

There are completely secular reasons to oppose both abortion and gay marriage.
Lets hear em.

The fact that most opposition is based upon religious belief neither invalidates that opposition, nor does it indicate an attempt to impose religious belief.
So explain how you can oppose something based on your religious beliefs yet you are not trying to impose your beliefs? That makes no sense, what are you trying to do?

How does the inclusion of the word 'God' in a poem, in a third person narrative usage, no less, impose religious beliefs upon any one?
It doesn't I stated earlier the opposition was rediculous.

Does, or does not, the unconstitutional suppression of free religious expression, as occurred in the OP, in fact impose the secularist belief of the supposed atheist/agnostic onto those who believe in God?

In the case of the OP, it is not the rights of the secularist that are being trampled, but the rights of the student.