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So where did elephant dung and vaganas come into this? I never saw it mentioned pertaining to this thread.
Again, you're dancing around the point. The point is, those things I mentioned were heralded by the left and the so called secular progressives as pieces of art and were free to be shown in a public forum(in the case of the Virgin Mary surrounded by elephant dung a vaginas cut from flick books was on display at a tax payer funded museum). When Christians spoke out against these works of art, they were told essentially to shut up and that displaying those pieces of garbage were protected by the first amendment. Again, these blasphemous works of "art" were put on display in a publicaly owned museum which in my book is no different than a Nativity scene in a city park so again I ask, why is it OK to display images mocking or blaspheming religious icons and yet it isn't OK to put up a Nativity scene or the 10 commandments in a public area? If you don't see the difference between the 2 then you are being intellectually dishonest in this discussion.