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If one of our Libtards can point to me where the government of the United States has officially endorsed one religion...be it the Catholic Church...Judaism...Baptist Buhddist or even Islam as the "official" religion of the United States...then I'll believe we have a seperation of church and state 1st Amendment violation.

Till then you're just continuing to prove you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Here we agree. I think every group that gets upset, Christians included, blows this shit way out of proportion. I could maybe understand someone getting upset because of a "Jesus in a Manger" display at a public school or something. But even that is a simple fix that doesn't need bullshit like the ACLU. The problem is that there is a lot of anti-Christian sentiment and I really don't get it. I understand Christianity has always been the most practiced religion in America but that doesn't mean everyone is trying to make a Christian nation. When these displays are up, today's society jumps right to the conclusion that the Christians "want to convert everyone!" Definitely not helping any. I hate atheists just as much as you, tx.