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  1. #1 Judge Judy shows why California is in the financial toilet 
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    Ran across this Judge Judy from earlier this year. Defendant in question is a San Bernardino prison guard who works nine months and has three months off a year. Besides his yearly salary (for 9 mnths work) he also collects unemployment in the summer. Apparently, the San Bernardino Department of Corrections "lays him off" every summer so he can collect unemployment and then "rehires" him the in the fall. Judge Judy tells him she is going to send this "snippet" of the show to Congress.

    FYI, San Bernardino has filed for bankruptcy and is so far gone that they are letting fire and police go. The city is now being sued by CalPers, the state retirement fund, for non-payment of retirement benefits of state employees working in San Bernardino.

    First 5 minutes of tape:
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