Are You Dagny Taggart Or John Galt?

After the recent elections, fiscal conservatives (read: responsible people) and their emotions have been all over the board concerning the hope for a promising future for America. Many see Obama’s reelection as the end of the America we have known and have given up hope while others continue to rally the troops to fight until the last penny and liberty evaporates trying to right the wrongs.

The question is, are you a Dagny Taggart or a John Galt?

In the book Atlas Shrugged, Dagny Taggart was a railroad magnate who could not give up hope that a corrupt government and an America populated with moochers could be redeemed if she kept working and fighting the moochers and looters in society and government. John Galt was a productive genius who believed the country could not be saved because of corruption and decay and actively sought the destruction of the government by convincing producers to quit working and go on strike. Galt convinced producers the fruits of their labors would only be forcefully taken by looters in government (moochers with guns) and, moreover, their labors and production were not even appreciated by the masses they sustained.

The book Atlas Shrugged is popular among conservatives because the story parallels America in 2012, even though the book was written 54 years ago. As in the book, we see an overpowering government consistently limiting individual liberties while calling the country’s producers “greedy” while taking more and more from them. We see traditional values being ridiculed and scorned in today’s America, just as it was in Atlas. We also see the country collapsing due to corrupt politicians, overwhelming business regulations, and the intellectual cesspool that can only come from academia.

Obama today revealed he wants to massively increase taxes with virtually no spending cuts to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that is rapidly approaching. Oh, he also wants the ability to raise the debt limit without having to bother with going to Congress. That’s like letting Michael Moore guard your Twinkies. America has a fifth year of a trillion-plus dollar deficit and a Senate that hasn’t produced a budget in four years. We see a record number of Americans living off of welfare and food stamps paid for by the dwindling number of producers. The poison of political correctness infects the country to the point where no criticism of liberals is allowed without one being dismissed as the liberal intelligentsia as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.

It gets worse. We have to depend on the Republicans to save America! lol.

There are a lot of Dagny’s and John’s in America right now. AWD has had several conversations with friends about where I and they stand on what’s the best course of action to take. I know friends who share the Pollyanna attitude of Dagny Taggart and believe they can save America if they work harder and don’t give up hope. They believe in miracles and the good people in America will once again restore the sanity that has been lost in America. AWD has others who are John Galt waiting for the collapse and the ensuing anarchy when the federal government collapses under the weight of corruption and bankruptcy. After the dirt settles, then, they believe, and only then, can producers once again establish government according to Constitutional limits that have been abandoned over the past 50 years. Once that occurs, producers will once again begin producing unprecedented wealth without the shackles of a corrupt government dedicated to the redistribution of their income. They will no longer be forced at gunpoint by the looters in government to unwillingly give up their treasure for the benefit of lazy moochers.

So who are you? Dagny or John? Who is AWD? Who is John Galt?


There is an ongoing and increasingly collectivist socialist mentality in Washington (to match the electorate) enabled by toothless tigers (the GOP). It is mathematically impossible for Obama to lose. The Takers Rule.