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Marv and U-Reb ...

I admire your brave words and steadfast determination to take back the country from those that wish to undermine and destroy all that is good about it.

Keep in mind that it is not only the Obama Admin that we would be taking on, but also all those that supported and all but worship the man.

We, the non-Obama voters, tried the "alter" part on Nov. 6. It didn't turn out so well. As to attempt the "abolish" part? Is not that *precisely* what Obama intends to see happen? Has that not been his goal all along to pit citizens against each other?

Nothing would please him more than to see total chaos take place with Americans killing each other in the streets.

I shudder to think how he would then go about handling the situation.
Voting no longer matters. The fix is in and nobody is complaining. Romney's not complaining, the repubs aren't complining and the media, well, they're estatic.

Communism is here and Bronco will be turning up the heat starting with the new year. What remains to be seen is will there be enough people resisting to make a difference. It's not looking good............