By Susan D. Harris

Something always rubs me the wrong way when people tell us that hard times draw us closer together and teach us what is really important in our lives. "We've lost the country, at least we've got each other." There is something inherently defeatist and depressing about that; accepting defeat, especially unfair defeat, is a hard pill to swallow.

Many well written accounts have been published indicating voter fraud won Obama's reelection, but it was quite clear within 48 hours after the election that nothing was going to be done about it by our leadership or the citizenry. This was perhaps even more disturbing than the fraud itself. We are left with a hangover that won't quit: the country is deeply divided at a basic moral level that won't be easily overcome, if ever. If we look at precedents, after 150 years the North and the South still quietly battle each other in whispered tones.

While the Republican party sits around gut wrenching on how to woo the women's vote or the Latino vote, it becomes obvious they will bellyache themselves into becoming the Democratic party version 2.0, as panic capitulation will be used to stay in the game. Meanwhile, the undercurrents of our turbulent country are the real elephant in the room. Many of our young people emphatically believe gay marriage is the greatest civil rights issue of our time, followed only by their passion for climate change awareness. "COEXIST" bumper stickers, depicting a mix of religious symbols, adorn many cars along with various anti-Christian rants. People who call themselves "Christians" tote "Green Bibles" containing cherry picked scriptures they believe commands them to care for the planet more than their fellow man. Young women have learned to obsess about freedom over their uterus, while blatantly spitting on the outdated notion that a child is a gift from God.

Bible believing Christians and traditional American values have been usurped by half the country and it's time we accepted that the rain of deception and hate won't stop and it's time to pull up the door to the ark.

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