President Obama Honors Rosa Parks Anniversary With Picture Of…Himself

President Obama loves to insert himself in other people’s biographies. He also loves to honor people, most recently Neil Armstrong and Vice President Biden, with pictures of himself. All. About. Him. His laser-like focus never wavers from his own image.

And the narcissism continues: To honor the 57th anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, President Obama paid homage with a picture of himself.

Today is the 57th Anniversary of the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. Pic: President Obama on Rosa Parks bus.


So on his 1st visit to the Queen this clown gives an IPod to her with speeches ... made by himself. I can just imagine the Queen going to bed anticipating the moment she will get to listen to the man/ childs speeches.

Then Neil Armstrong dies. 1st man to step on the moon. Not Mars, as Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee seems to think. How does the Narcissist in Chief celebrate? 0dummy releases a photo of himself looking at the moon.

Now, to celebrate Rosa Parks he releases a picture of himself sitting on a bus in the Henry Ford museum. Fitting I suppose, that he sits on an empty bus going nowhere. Nothing to see but his own reflection. But wait... I understand there is a crowd gathering close by ... under the bus.