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There is only one responsible person on the Detroit City Council and that is Ken Cockrel, Jr.
Absolutely agree.

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I've heard that plan-to let Wayne County absorb Detroit's government. If the county had strong leadership and stable finances, I'd support that plan. It seems to work for Miami/Dade county in Florida.

I feel bad for Snyder and Bing in all this, who are committed to working together across party lines to find something that will work.
Maybe ten years ago there was an attempt by Wayne county to shore up the property tax fiasco in Detroit. As you probably know, there's more than a few shenanigans with the property tax evaluations and collections in Detroit. Hell, a woman I know who made just over six figures annually, actually bragged that she just gives a clerk a few hundred each year to mark her taxes as paid for the year... It was absolutely rampant, countless Detroit celebrities were caught doing similar things, countless times. Wayne county offered to digitize all of the Detroit property records, handle the collection, and perform the foreclosure process and auctioning if not collectible... For free! They said that just collecting the actual county taxes owed would pay for it, Detroit balked... You can't take away a good scam, even at the expense of the residents.