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    With the proposals currently on the table, the cliff is the lesser of two evils.

    I'm hearing that taxes will hike (due to the cliff) about $1T, and that the Dem's latest proposal calls for about $1.6T in tax increases.

    If that's correct....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    What should our Party do about it??

    I liked Dana Perino's idea, vote "Present" and let Obama have what he wants.

    THEN, when it fails, hammer the Dems into the ground so they never get up again. Let the people see
    what happens when you give the Dems full control...
    I've been saying this ever since the election was a foregone conclusion. The GOP should step aside and let the country go full steam over the cliff by letting Obama have everything he wants. This way when the country not only goes over the cliff, it will crash hard at the bottom and the GOP can stand back and say, "we told you so".
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    Obama wants us to fall off the cliff.

    Last summer he was for closing the loopholes...said it would work for raising taxes...couple days ago he's on CNBC saying it's silly to think we can bring in more "revenue" by simply closing loop holes.

    We go over the cliff...Dems get a dream come true...increased taxes on everyone...and some hefty cuts todefense while the real boat of the Federal government (welfare) goes untouched.

    Then somtime in late January during his SOTU he'll propose a big tax cut for the so called middle class and come out the hero.

    And in both instances...the cliff and the cuts he can blame the Republicans and make them the bad guy.

    His intent is to wipe the Republicans out...not just defeat them. This puts him one step closer to that....unless someone grafts a spine to Boehner and a couple others in the house and they stop listening to these silly consultants and start listening to the people.
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