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Issa's San Diego home burglarized of $100,000 in jewelry

Karma sucks huh, Issa?

Issa's San Diego home burglarized of $100,000 in jewelry
By Justin Sink - 12/07/12 11:22 AM ET

Burglars stole more than 50 pieces of jewelry worth around $100,000 from the home of House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), according to local media reports.

The burglary occurred in the early evening of Nov. 29, according to a spokesman for the San Diego County Sheriff's department. The haul included watches, earrings, rings and bracelets, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

“The items that were taken were irreplaceable family heirlooms that were inherited by the Issa family,” Issa spokesman Frederick Hill told the paper.

The police say they have some promising leads, although no arrests have been made yet.

Issa ranks among the wealthiest lawmakers on Capitol Hill. According to The Hill's "50 Wealthiest Lawmakers" list, the California Republican stood as the third richest member of Congress in 2012, with an estimated net worth of $140.6 million.

But it has been a tough financial year for the congressman. In addition to the burglary losses, his net worth plunged by nearly $80 million from the previous year.
See how DUers demean themselves? They are all so friken greedy and green with envy and hatred that they cannot contain themselves.
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2. Sounds Like His Brother Did The Job

They were car robbing buddies back in the day!
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4. I'm just going come right out and state that this is an inside job for insurance money.

Darrell Issa has a history of thievery and deceit, why shouldn't I make such an assumption?
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7. I'll bet the little rat bastard stole it himself

And is running insurance fraud

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12. My first thought. n/t
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14. me too - Issa is like an open book.

once a thief, always a thief.