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Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Crash Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Dinner in Union Square

absolutely fabulous!

You can count on San Francisco to keep things real, and last night the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence didn't just keep it real, they kept it really entertaining.

Was it a coincidence that the sisters had dinner reservations next to the very conservative Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (aka "America's Toughest Sheriff") last night at John's Grill in Union Square? Whether it was or wasn't, last night's surprise dinner guests made for some great Kodak (and Hallmark) moments.

It appeared that Arpaio, the sheriff who was proud to support Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration law, wasn't too thrilled to be dining that close to the salacious sisters, who were grabbing a bite before the annual Drag Queens on Ice show.
One wonders if the queers/fags/drag queens or whatever they call themselves these days ever grow up? When kids act out they are put to bed with a spanking. Wnen queers act out the rest of the queers giggle, simper, hoot and howl and then high five to show how KOOL they are. pathetic