Ahhhh...the Bouncies are back!!!

Sat Dec 8, 2012, 12:34 AM

I've just gotta share this ...

Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan and I try to go out for dinner at least once a week, usually on Friday ... gotta keep the economy going. We chose Red Lobster ... I know, we're supposed to hate them after this ObamaCare thing. But never-the-less, that's where we chose ... and I'm kinda glad we did.

We were seated in a pretty comfortable spot and proceeded to talk about our day. Our Waitress came over and began to take our order. From her speak pattern, Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan and I knew that Red Lobster had done a wonderful thing ... They had hired a person with a cognitive disability.

Although we had to repeat our order more than once and we had to wait for our water, Holly ... was very pleasant and had a great sense of humor, and she was trying very hard to please us.

However, the people at the next table over were real a$$holes with her ... they made a real fuss because she couldn't seem to get that they wanted a Strawberry Pina Colada AND a Crown on the Rocks, she brought the Colada without the Crown and had to go back for it. It delayed their drinking, maybe 2 minutes. She was very apologetic but that was not enough for this couple ... the raised so much hell that the manager came out and switched out her to another table.

Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan and I overheard everything that had happened and Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan was pi$$ed that this couple was treating the waitress so poorly. So when the manager went around to all of the other tables that Holly was serving, asking about her service, Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan made a point of saying how much so enjoyed Holly as a server. Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan also made a point to tell the manager that she knew that the couple next to us had complained, and told him that they were intolerant a$$holes (and Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan does not swear ... ever). Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan ended the discussion with the manager saying that we had real problems with Darden's anti-ObamaCare stance, but with the retraction and this franchise's having made the decision to take a chance on Holly, we would forgive them and would be returning every Friday and requesting Holly as a Server.

(I didn't even know Mrs. 1StrongBlackMan had been following the darden thing)
Wasn't that soooo cute that 1StrongBSArtist and his wife decided to "forgive" Darden???