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Why do we have to care for them? They came here illegally; we didn't ask them to come. If anything the enablers that hire the border jumpers should be made responsible for them and if it wipes them out financially then so be it.
Because we knowingly benefit from their illegal and legally disadvantaged status. I'm not a bleeding heart, it simply that we knowing allow these people to be here and work here. EVERYONE knows who they are and where they are and yet they are not rounded up and deported (regardless of who is President or who owns the farms).

It would be easy to design a guest-worker program, but not as long as Kim Wong Ark continues to be the prevailing case law. It also isn't necessary to have guest farm workers when we have millions of unemployed people who have simply forgotten how to get to work in the fields. Again, I have yet to see a bus pull up in the St Pete or Tampa poverty zones to take workers to pick tomatoes or strawberries. Why?

We need to allow farm workers to be independent contractors.
We need to allow farm workers to work for cash.
We need to exempt seasonal farm labor from Workers Comp laws (Single Payer health insurance would effectively kill Workers Comp)
We need to prosecute farmers who hire illegals. Prosecute, like put in jail.

I would also like to see a return to the land perhaps following the model of kibbutzim. We still have some large tracts of land in this country which are suitable for farming and which are going unused. Some of it is cheap or free now that dreams of tract homes have melted. Particularly in the East it would be nice to see land tied up in communal farming trusts so that farming isn't simply a way of diddling around until it's time to start building cracker boxes again.